Que otro deseo imposible

Aquí voy otra vez, Corro mientras camino, y me caigo como siempre, Al sonido de tu voz, Al movimiento de tus pies, Me rindo, me muevo, me niego, Rompo el silencio solo con suspiros, No tengo más que decir, las palabras se me perdieron... Entre tantos pensamientos revueltos, Atrapados quedaron, antes de salir, Si tratara... Continue Reading →


but seriously, i’m fine.

Anxiety is a tricky enemy. Knows all my thoughts, better than me. Seeks insatiable in every corner of my mind, for the darkest, the deepest, the most unconscious fears... brings them up to the surface, skin level. Makes me tremble. Sometimes it doesn’t explain anything to my brain, But without a doubt makes sure I... Continue Reading →

Revolving doors, empty house

How many goodbyes. I keep waving back as you walk away with your back to me. It’s like we promised... To always have each other’s back. Now that’s all we’ve got.   One left too soon, wouldn’t even say “see you around” and it’s all wrong. But i can’t help. But feel. But why. Am... Continue Reading →

We are the army, you and i.

I won’t let the world prove me wrong, I’ll fight it with all i’ve got... Art is all we need, you and me. All my paint, all my words, all the ways my body can move, When we are in love, when we laugh so hard it hurts, When we dance under the stars, when... Continue Reading →

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